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Independent Author | Fiction | Crime Thriller

Shuna copyedited my latest crime thriller. I’m in no doubt that she has massively improved the manuscript with her thoughtful, thorough, and professional changes. I’m stunned by the quality of her comprehensive process, achieved in an impressive turnaround time. I’ll want to use her again.

Martin Bodenham, crime thriller writer

Autobiography | Non-fiction | Rock Star

You made my job so easy!

Bobby E

Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame member

Website & Books | Non-fiction | Grammar Course

We used Shuna's services on our website and in our books. We found her extremely easy to work with. Not only did she complete the task in record time, but she also presented us with an organized list (along with screenshots) of the changes we needed to make. She is a knowledgeable and efficient proofreader, and I would highly recommend her.

Elizabeth O'Brien, Grammar Revolution

Small Business Website | Professional Services

One of the toughest lessons of service is to work incredibly hard on a project only to step back and let someone else take ownership. Shuna did this with the style of a true professional. 

Now, my only question is, “How else can I use Shuna’s skill, experience and talent in my business?”

Kathryn K, California

Independent Publisher | Entrepreneurs | Business

Thank you for supplying so much information in your edits. You clearly go through things very thoroughly, which is great. You have done a cracking job!


Alison B. Panoma Press

Independent Author | Fiction | Crime & Mystery

When Secrets, Lies & Homicide was first published, more than one review mentioned editing issues. This was a big deal. Typos and similar mistakes distract the reader from the story you've worked so hard to make compelling. They also make you, the writer, look unprofessional.  When I re-published, Shuna helped me do it right. She is that last set of eyes your manuscript needs before you send it out into the world.


Patricia Dusenbury, Secrets, Lies & Homicide (2016 EPIC finalist)

Small Business Website | SEO Services

Thank you again for helping me with this post. It has shaped up to be a lot better than the original draft I put together, and it's thanks to your expertise and input.

Ahmed Khalifa,

Publisher & Editor | Fiction | Anthology

I cannot recommend Shuna's expertise highly enough. Over the course of some months Shuna and I worked on several pieces together and her turn-over time and communication were always impeccable. Shuna improved every single piece she worked on, even those that I thought were already very good. The returned copy was clean and natural; ready for publication. It has been great working with Shuna and I have no hesitation contacting her again for any job I might have in the future.

Victoria Griesdoorn, publisher & editor, of Altered States

New Author | Fiction | YA Fantasy
Independent Author | Fiction | YA Fantasy

Shuna helped to copyedit and proofread my YA Fantasy, set in an alternate ancient China. She was thorough and her editorial suggestions were easy to implement and spot on. Her turnaround time was very fast and she was easy to communicate with.

Anne Chen, Sorrow of the Eastland Empire  

Self-publishing | Non-fiction | eBook & Paperback

Shuna has just completed proofreading my first book, How to Run a Successful B&B. I had thought that proofreading was simple but slow. However, her speed and efficiency was absolutely outstanding. She worked through the book quickly and provided, not only grammatical and typo error corrections, but she also made helpful suggestions. She even offered Skype sessions, which made the business impressively personal. I cannot thank her enough for this excellent service.

Colin Campbell, How to Run a Successful B&B

New Author | Fiction | Legal Thriller

I am very grateful to have such keen and detailed feedback. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this book and I am sure your guidance in relation to my manuscript will assist me greatly in progressing it to a publishable standard.

Patrick Boyers, Is it Legal?

Self-publishing | Fiction | Short Stories

Not only is Shuna an extremely thorough proofreader, she gives excellent editorial advice that, as a self-published author, I found invaluable. I would definitely recommend her to fellow writers.

David Milligan-Croft, Ten Orbits of the Sun

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