I’m Shuna Meade, the editor behind Final Polish Editorial.

I specialise in editing fiction and non-fiction and proofreading and editing for small businesses.

Before I trained as a professional editor and proofreader, I spent 20 years working in B2B and B2C marketing 

communications and administration in London, including eight years in the music industry at EMI Music International. 

A breadth of experience across a number of sectors

music industry | marketing | promotions | public relations | travel | tourism | real estate | resort development | online learning | digital radio | music & film promotion | brand management 

Fiction writing & editing

I’m also a published author – I write fiction and non-fiction and have been a bookworm all my life.  

I’ve spent the last ten years writing and learning the craft of writing fiction and creative non-fiction. I've given hundreds of critiques to authors at varying stages of their writing journey, and honed my skills by copyediting and proofreading their work. 

  • As an author, I understand the process and the challenges involved in writing and being edited

  • As an editor, I edit with a light touch, always respecting the author’s voice

  • As a proofreader, I proofread with a nit-picker’s meticulous eye for detail

What does Miranda Priestly have to do with editing?

One of my first jobs after graduating from university was in public relations. My boss owned the company and she was demanding as hell.

It turns out she was the Miranda Priestly* of home interiors PR. She had processes in place for every aspect of the business. And, if we didn't follow along to the letter ... let's just say there were plenty of trembling knees in the office!

In every job I've had since, I've been the unofficial proofreader, editor and consistency checker for all written material. 

Miranda Priestly trained me well – it turns out I'm a natural nit-picker. I think she'd be proud.

* Miranda Priestly is a fictional character from

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger 

Qualifications & training

St Andrews University, Scotland 

  • MA (Ord) English Literature & Language, History

College of Media & Publishing 

  • Proofreading & copyediting course

  • Self-publishing course

English Grammar Revolution

  • Get Smart & Stay Smart grammar course

Chartered Institute for Editors & Proofreaders

  • Editing with Word

  • Introduction to Fiction Editing

Cadman Editing

  • Advanced PerfectIt course


Using Word

  • Mastering Styles and Templates 

Professional societies

I am a Professional member of the Chartered Institute for Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP), the UK's only editorial society and am bound by their Code of Practice. I am committed to upholding standards of editorial excellence.


My work ethic and values

Throughout my professional life, my core values have remained the same. I am professional, honest, dedicated, diligent, reliable and thorough.

Above all, I love what I do and am committed to my continuing professional development.

I treat every job as if I were doing the work for myself. You will only ever get my best.

Shuna Meade, editor

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