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Helping authors cross 

the finish line


"It is definitely off-putting to see a manuscript with lots of errors." 


—Literary agent, Hellie Ogden

The End isn't the end...

It's been a marathon. You’ve written the book and had feedback from early readers. But this isn't the end.

This is where I come in. As a professional editor, I'll take your words and give them a final polish.



This means getting rid of all the avoidable errors in the text, smoothing out unwieldy sentences and checking that details stay consistent all the way through. I'll make sure your work is formatted correctly and uses standard spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. 

A polished manuscript or document that is ready to go out into the world.
The result

"Not only is Shuna an extremely thorough proofreader, she gives excellent editorial advice that, as a self-published author, I found invaluable. I would definitely recommend her to fellow writers."

—David Milligan-Croft, Ten Orbits of the Sun

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