Editing for your business

As a small business owner, you wear many hats...

"May I say that working with you is like getting dessert after hiking the Grand Canyon? It is a treat."

Kathryn K, Califonia

As a small business owner, you wear many hats for many jobs...

And you can't be good at every one of them! 

Benefits of working with me

  • You have peace of mind that the job will be done well and delivered on time

  • You avoid being embarrassed by unknown errors

  • Your text reads smoothly, with one voice, where there is nothing to trip up your readers

  • You have saved time and resources by using a trained professional

When first impressions count...

You know your business inside and out. How often have you and your team read and edited your sales and marketing material? You'd be surprised at how quickly unnoticed errors creep in.

I offer a range of services for small business owners from editing blog posts, to brochures, websites, email campaigns, and social media posts, etc.

I'll take the stress out of the English language!

"Working with Shuna at Final Polish Editorial was a joy. She brought clarity, elegance and professionalism to my writing.


Kathryn K, California

Find out how I can help you

Let me be that fresh pair of eyes. I am trained to find the errors, to check consistency and continuity. As a writer, I can help to simplify your language.

I will ensure your communication with customers, stakeholders, clients, and potential customers is error-free, clearly communicated and conveys its intended meaning.

Shuna  showed considerable initiative in suggesting improvements to our material.

She produced a style sheet for our editing software that is already bringing considerable benefit to our business.

Cleland Thom, Principal

College of Media & Publishing

Why not get in touch? Drop me an email to find out how I can best help you and your business.

What you'lI get

A fast, efficient and reliable service, editing for your target audience.

I use track changes in Word or will markup on PDF, so you can accept or reject each change. For websites we can discuss how best to handle any changes – directly on the site or by providing annotated screenshots. Whatever is easiest for you. 

I will highlight any questions and make suggestions in Comment bubbles.

Get in touch

With 20+ years of business experience 

under my belt, why not get in touch to see how I can help you? 

It makes me feel so much better to have another set of eyes go through these before I send them off to people.


Elizabeth O'Brien, Grammar Revolution 

Areas of experience 

  • online learning 

  • travel

  • tourism

  • food & drink

  • real estate

  • resort development

  • music industry

  • marketing

  • promotions

  • public relations

  • expedition organising 

  • B2B and B2C 

Types of work 

  • websites

  • brochures

  • magazines

  • marketing material

  • reports

  • blog posts

  • presentations

  • proposals

  • newsletters

  • menus

  • flyers

  • screenplays

Examples of business books I have worked on

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