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Case Studies

Small business owner

Beth owns a property rental business and one of her "difficult" clients (a homeowner) wrote to point out the grammatical and punctuation errors in her correspondence with him. He said it didn't give him much confidence in her professionalism and attention to detail – something important to him in business.

After the shock had worn off, Beth realised he was correct. She hired an editor to go through her website and core marketing materials.

Here's an example of the issues the editor caught:

  • Factual issues

  • Dates written in multiple formats 

  • Business names and job titles were incorrect

  • Inconsistency of capitalization 

  • Poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Missing information 

  • Misleading content


Additions the editor made:

  • Added headings for ease of understanding

  • Amended style and tone to align with target audience

Beth has learned a great deal from working with an editor. However, despite knowing more, she doesn't have the time (or inclination) to proofread her business content before it's posted online, so she continues to work with an editor on a monthly retainer basis. 

Her "difficult" client noticed the change. The next time he saw Beth he invited her to lunch where he offered her two additional properties to manage.

Fiction writer case study

Case Studies

Fiction writer

Samantha writes crime and mystery books, initially published through a traditional publisher, but more recently via self-publishing. When she put her latest novel up on Amazon, more than one reviewer mentioned editing issues.

After licking her wounds, she knuckled down to finding an editor she could work with, someone who understood her genre and her way of working. 

"My editor picked up on so many inconsistencies and avoidable errors – I was mortified!

"On closer inspection, I realised that many of the issues my editor flagged were things I wasn't even aware of as being errors."

After a successful collaboration and re-publication, Samantha sent her editor an email, "I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did on my novel. You are the last set of eyes any manuscript needs before it goes out into the world. I'd definitely like to work with you on my next book."

A year later, the book went on to win a competition.

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