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Manuscript  Assessment

Developmental & Structural Editing 

Manuscript Assessment

As an author, I know how helpful it is to get feedback on the

"big picture" elements of your story.


It's like building a house: you want to know the foundations are solid, the walls are in the right place, and roof is sound (your novel's structure), before the decorating begins (the copy and line editing), and the final clean (proofreading).

The assessment comes in the form of an Editorial Report with extensive notes on those areas that need further work. You will receive specific examples drawn from the manuscript to illustrate key points, as well as a range of recommended resources. Each Editorial Report provides an actionable road map to work from during revisions and rewrites of future drafts. 

This stage is highly recommended for new writers.


As a Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, I will champion your writing dreams... so why not get in touch? I'm here to help.

A manuscript assessment covers:

  • plot

  • pacing

  • structure

  • character arcs

  • point of view

Stage 1

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