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When the words you write

need to be right

Shuna Meade Final Polish Editing - small

Hi, I'm Shuna Meade, the editor behind Final Polish Editorial,

and I'm here to help.

Do you want to make sure an agent or publisher sees the best of your work, or that your manuscript is ready for publication?

I'm here to help you reach that goal.

I'll give your words the final polish to bring out the best of your work and fine-tune the spelling, grammar and punctuation so there's nothing to trip up a reader.

"Shuna copy edited my latest crime thriller. I’m in no doubt that she has massively improved the manuscript with her thoughtful, thorough, and professional changes. 

—Martin Bodenham, crime thriller writer

You know first impressions count. The problem is this: you've reread your text so often you no longer see the errors. 

I'm here to help with a fresh set of eyes.

I offer a one-stop shop for document editing, from proofreading and copy editing to formatting and layout. Even the smallest job needs a proofreader.



"Shuna showed considerable initiative in suggesting improvements to our material ... that is already bringing considerable benefit to our business."

Cleland Thom, Founder, College of Media & Publishing

I am a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading as well as a tutor.

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