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How to use Find and Replace in Word


During the writing of your novel, you decide to change the name of your main character from “Ann” to “Anna.”

Hmm, you think, that could take a while to fix...


The good news is, Word has a great tool to help you find the words you want to change and replacing them with new words. This saves a huge amount of time as you don’t have to go through your manuscript word by word!

There’s an easy way to get this done – by using Find and Replace (these instructions are for a PC).


Step 1: Ctrl+H and click the Replace tab and More.

Step 2: Type the name you want to change eg “Ann” in the Find what box, and enter the name you want to change it to eg “Anna” in the Replace with box.

Step 3: The expanded box includes a lot of options. You need to select Find whole words only (so that when you search for “Ann” it will ignore “Anna” and “annual,” “annoys,” “annex,” etc.)

Step 4: Click Replace All to make one sweeping change, or you can click Find Next if you’d rather go through them one by one.

See how easy that was? With all the time you’ve saved, you can write another page or two.

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Shuna Meade, Editor, Final Polish Editorial

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