Helping authors cross 

the finish line

The End isn't the end...

It's been a marathon. You’ve written the book and had feedback from early readers. But this isn't the end...

Every writer needs a fresh set of editorial eyes, someone to experience their manuscript as a first-time reader would.

I will take your words and give them a final polish – we all become blind to the words that are actually on the page, rather than what you think is there. 

It is definitely off-putting to see a manuscript with lots of errors. 

Hellie Ogden, literary agent

As an editor and a published author,

I know how scary it can be to hand your manuscript over to an editor. Don't worry, I'm here to help.

If spelling, punctuation and grammar are problem areas for you, I can sort those out too. Phew! It's not a problem. You're in safe hands. 

So, why not get in touch to see how I can help you achieve your publishing dreams? It's always easier after a chat. 

I will work to smooth out your sentences so they read naturally while always respecting your unique 'voice'. 

I will also apply standard industry formatting, to ensure your writing is presented in the best possible light.

Make a wise decision

As a new writer or a seasoned pro, we all become blind to mistakes in our own work. Using a professional will ensure it's presented in the best light possible. 


Get the maximum benefit from the fruits of your labour. A professional copy edit and proofread will ensure your book is in the best possible shape before you release it.

Submitting to agents or publishers

Using an editor to ensure you have eliminated all avoidable errors will help set your manuscript apart. 

A selection of books I have worked on

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